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Vážení zákazníci, omlouváme se, ale z kapacitních důvodů v současné době objednávky nepřijímáme.

"The world comes towards us and we come towards the world. We can touch and get to know each other."

Berühre die Welt

The importance of haptic pictures for blind people

Haptic (typhlographical) pictures offerblind children a new dimension of discovery.They enable the blind to explore even those things that are normally unreachable for them. They can touch objects that are too far away (the sun, the moon, clouds), too big (houses, cars) or too small (a ladybird, a butterfly).

Haptic pictures develop touch in blind children

Touch the world Through haptic pictures,childrenget to know simple shapes, learn to distinguish size, recognize planes, lines, find out what is the same and what is different. They encounter various material properties – hard, soft, smooth, rough etc. The development of touch in blind children is a perfect training and necessary preparation for lessons of Braille system. They train themselves in fine motor skillsand recognition abilities. They learn to examine both the whole and the details.
By examining relief (haptic) pictures,children are also trained in micro orientation (orientation in plane). They learn to distinguish what is up and what is down, what is to the left, to the right, next to, above, under, far, near. They will use these pieces of information in the future for orientation in space and independent movement. By investigating haptic pictures with their parents a child trains and widens its vocabulary. The child learns to assign names to specific symbols and thus to create images of the world.
Touch also brings aesthetical experience to the children. They realize what is pleasant, what is unpleasant, what is interesting and what do they like or dislike. By reading a haptic book with a blind child,we satisfy the child’s important needs – sharing, interest and support.

All the abilities listed above can be developed with the help of haptic books and toys in my offer.

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